Abbaye cistercienne de villelongue

Concerts in the Abbey of Villelongue

For the last twenty years the Association of the Friends of the Abbey of Villelongue has offered a cultural programme of the highest quality which is appreciated by a knowledgeable and loyal public : classical music, Jazz concerts and exhibitions, to mention but a few.

The walls of the Abbey, accustomed to eight centuries of silence now resonnate each summer to the sounds of music, ranging from early music from the Middle-Ages to the music of today.

In the last three years Jazz fans have also been able to enjoy an evening of music .

Concerts in the Abbey of Villelongue

The Abbaye de Villelongue is one of the venues of :

Animations Programmes in 2024

Tue, 15 August 2023



La messe du 15 août 2023 aura lieu à 17 H 

Sun, 08 October 2023

XVIeme colloque international de Saint Martin le Vieil

 COLLOQUE INTERNATIONNAL sur l'Habitat Troglodytique

8 et 9 Octobre 2023 

A partir de 17 H 

Organisation : Amicale Laique - Carcassonne et Association les Cruzels de Saint Martin le vieil

Colloque gratuit mais inscription obligatoire.
Renseignements et inscription obligatoire :
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